Giulia&Alessandro Wedding

Wedding Ring shot

Giulia and Alessandro are two Italian scientists who live and met in Philadelphia.  

As an Italian married to an American, I still feel like fate plays always a big role in our life.

Alessandro and Giulia comes from two different area in Italy. Ale is from Venice area, Giulia is from Tuscany. While Alessandro likes to wear colorful cloths and scarf (yes, Italian men wear scarf!- they are fancy!), Giulia admits she wears more boring cloths. 

Well, I wonder if they would have met if they stayed in Italy... Probably not! They needed to cross the world, work in a historic University of Philadelphia and going to eat in a "Pizzeria" in order to meet. and then was LOVE.

The amazing part of their wedding? Everything was DIY. The moms prepared the food, and friends took care of decoration, make up and hair. Of course the internet played a big role for every friend and family member who couldn't reach Philly.

The got ready in the same house, their apartment. And Giulia was wearing an amazing red dress. She looked stunning.

There was Love in every moment... even a random neighbor helped Giulia in ironing her dress! 

Here the main moments of the day...