Welcome home, Roma Banks

Few days before Christmas, Roma Banks was born... When Jordan & Ben invited me to their home to take pictures, I was so excited... We had such a blast with the maternity session at the National Arboretum that I couldn't wait to see their baby girl. And SHE WAS AMAZING... so little and so sweet and with so many faces... 

When I first arrived she was sleeping, but didn't last long... soon she needed to be changes and cuddle with mommy and daddy... Her nursery was dreamy, everything light pink and grey... Coordinated with they cat, Pixie. Roma Bank was extremely sweet during the whole session... She also approved almost all the floral head band Jordan kept changing... She owned so many head bands... they were hand made during the baby shower, such a great idea! 

Baby girl wasn't happy only with one of them... Maybe too big! ahahah She was great also posing with her OlĂ© Miss little hat... Awww the cuteness of this session... 


Erika T

Washington, DC, 20010