A Special Keepsake Box to Hold Your Memories

It's been a while that I have wanted to post about this... about the Special Box that harbors the important prints I deliver after a wedding. I have been asked: "who made this for you?"... Well, my husband does, with the help of his dad. 

Everything started when, with the prints in my hand, I realized I needed a cool box to contain them! I wanted something simple, in natural material and unique,  As always, the answer to all my problems came from my husband! -I can try to make a wood box, if you want!-  OK!! Few days after he was already working with his dad in the garage, making a box!

The final result was just amazing, as you can see! They worked hard, measured every piece and curated every little detail, creating something even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

I know I could buy the boxes, since there are a lot of companies out there selling something similar, but I'm not looking to preserve memories in something mass produced... I want special memories to be enclose in something that is one of a kind... and what is better than something handmade with passion and meticulous attention...

I loved the idea that for my husband, it isn't only a box, but it is a moment that he get to spend with his father and build something together... He's always happy when I deliver a box, so he can get ready to make a new one... 

And I like the ability to make little changes and suggestions for every new box... and I enjoy seeing these two working together... :)