Anniversary session at Great Falls, VA || Apke Photography

"Marriage is the state in which you find solid happiness"

When she contacted me I was super excited about the idea of shooting an anniversary session, plus she had her ideas really clear and that made my job a lot easier... She wanted something romantic, "like THAT picture on your website", she said... I love when people take a deep look at my website and they like my style! :) -"Sure, no problem!".... The closer to the session we were, she showed me her dress... and I got even more excited. She chose a white dress since on her wedding she used a blush one... I was hoping to give them the romantic pictures they missed on their wedding day.

We were only uncertain about the location... They were heading out for their anniversary trip, I had to be at a wedding later that day, so we needed something beautiful  and in the morning! "Why not Great Falls? Super early, before the hikers arrive!?" And yes, the session started at 7 am... and it was beautiful! No-one was there (only few photographers, but they, as the Italians are everywhere!!), light was perfect and R & D were the dream couple... I smile when I think how they were laughing and sweetly kissing each other... Oh, and of course we had an amazing smoke bomb shot... I honestly was really scared the ranger of the park would arrive and put me in jail... But I think he was sleeping? Can you even have smoke in a National Park? Boh! 

Enjoy these sweet images and look at the little surprise I prepared for them at the end!