Intimate Wedding in the Shenandoah Valley

If there is something that really struck me about G & S was their simplicity... When we talked about their wedding, I knew I wanted to be there to witness it and to capture the essence of their big day... What I loved the most? The relaxed environment, the happiness you could see in every family member and friend! Everything and everybody seem to fit perfectly in the amazing location they chose... Oh, ya, that location! a couple of cabins in the woods and the Shenandoah River, nothing could be more romantic than that! 

Guest traveled from all over US to be there and help cooking and organizing the ceremony and everything was really perfect!

I don't really have so many words for this wedding, because their love, the words in their vows really left me with no thoughts, just a warm heart and heart-shaped eyes... I let the images talk for me!


Erika is the founder of Apke Photography, based in Northern Virginia, USA. She specialized in Wedding and Portrait photography in USA and across the world