Family Connection at Bristow Battlefield

D and L won a free family session from a raffle I ran recently... We exchanged few emails and decided to meet at the Bristow Battlefield... When I saw them, with their amazing kids, I thought they just came out from a movie, really a beautiful family! They dressed up perfectly (I'm in love with D's dress!) and the weather surprise us with the right clouds in the sky and the perfect light... Everything was on point!! I enjoyed seeing how little R was independent and wanted to be free to run everywhere... and I'm still laughing thinking at C putting dirt in little R's dress... ahahah... he really looked like a big brother, especially when, at the end of the session, he took his sister hand and held it strong... they were extremely cute!

Of course, I also stole few shots of just D & L; her laugh was contagious!... I really think Mom and Dad always need some alone shots! :)