West Virginia Oldeststone Farm Wedding- T+M// Apke Photography

What a place! What a location! What a couple! T & M met me and my husband at our favorite diner and when they agreed to talk about their big day in front of a brunch dish, I knew we were perfect for each other!! ahaha

They told me they had known each other for over a decade as friends, but then one day they finally found love in each other and the rest was history! Such a sweet story… Plus they have an amazing dog and they told me the wedding was going to be in farm!?


All these years capped off in this amazing farm in West Virginia on a country road, Oldeststone Farm. There were 2 litters of little puppies and every animal you could think of, from a talking parrot to enormous pot bellied pigs. Did I mention it was the best wedding ever since we were surrounded by puppies?? ahah

The location was only second to the couple. T looked amazing in her dress and faux fur shawl (I like to think it was faux!ahaha) and M was sharply dressed himself.

These two seemed as if they had known one another for years... Oh, wait, they have!

After years of cultivating a life long friendship,  these two are now so in love. I guess it's true,love always finds a way!

‘If two people are meant for one another, that doesn't mean that they have to rush and be together right away. Real love takes time to grow, just like how it takes time to grow from children to adults.’

Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Now I let the images do all the talk!

Location: Oldeststone farm

Bride dress: Belle Amour

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