Wedding Fairfax country club //K+M// Apke photography

It was forever ago when K + M contacted me about their wedding. Their story just hit me and I was in AWW… She is from Copenhagen, he’s from Northern Virginia… They meet, they live far away for sometimes, until M leave everything and move to Europe… And I cry because I get emotional and this story remind me of another one… like vaguely mine! ahah

They were already married back in Europe and wanted to have a bigger party in USA. During our phone call, K mentioned there will be several Danish traditions, like many speeches during the night, as well as a some kisses up to the chairs and some down under the take… But again, she got me at traditions… I love when wedding day get extremely personal. And this was.

And there was the speech master, who kept everybody on schedule (better than any wedding planner I met!), and there was the final waltz, when all the guested encircle the couple closer and closer, until K & M had no more space! And it was then, when M got picked up and his socks got cut off!

It was fun! and intimate and full of love!

I enjoyed be part of this wedding so much and I really hope you will enjoy these shots!