Intimate Wedding in Washington DC- Apke Photography- April 2018

Before arriving in their apartment, I didn't know anything about Alex and Tyler, don't even their name... Alex's sister was my contact person and the one coming down to guide me to the apartment... When I entered, I met the most chill couple E V E R!

Their wedding was extremely unique... first of all, no white dress and no heels (my thoughts at that point were: "OMG, I'm going to LOVE her!!"), then everything was set up in their apartment with an amazing view of the Capital and... there was no celebrant (YES, it's legal!)! How cool is that? 

Although everything seems extremely casual (everybody was ready to go to the Nat's game afterwards), every little detail was in order and perfect, including the guest book, that was a special drawing of the DC skyline (can you tell they love DC??)...

That apartment was filled with love for the couple and emotion…The ceremony started with Tyler telling their love story and then several family members said something sweet and profound about the couple…there were a lot of happy tears including mine! They exchanged vows and rings, kissed and highed five!  Ahahah I just smile thinking about that moment again! 

Then we headed to the terrace to take some family pictures and couple portraits…Although it was only the end of April, it was a really hot day, but it was so so worth it to be up there and enjoy the view! 

Afterwards, we stopped to quickly open the cake and celebrate with some champagne and chicken nuggets (I told you they are COOL!), then head out again. This time, destination: NATIONALS PARK! 

We took some amazing shots, thy kissed, laughed and went back home to get ready for the game…

So, thank you guys, for making me part of this amazing day; I loved every second I got to spend together with you and your sweet and heartwarming family. I wish you a real “happily ever after”!! 


Erika is the founder of Apke Photography, based in Northern Virginia, USA. She specialized in Wedding and Portrait photography in USA and across the world