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A grand adventure is about to begin.
– Winnie the Pooh

I always look for some nice quote to take inspiration from when I start a new blog, and today I found this from Winnie the Pooh... I was always obsessed with that cartoon... His quiet and peaceful way to deal with life matter made me always think that I'm totally the opposite... 

When W&S contacted me, I was in the airport, ready to go back in Italy for a couple of weeks... They told me their story, told me they have been in Italy with a Mediterranean cruise and told me how important is this baby for them... I remember Joey, my husband, sending me a text and be like "you have an email for a photo-session... I know you will like them!

YES, I liked them. I like when I get to know the people story, peek little bit in their life, feeling the warm of a caress, of a kiss, feeling the energy between skin touching and capture all of that... 

Looking at this images makes me feel calm and serene like while watching a Winnie the Pooh episode... Nothing was left to chance, the location was stunning and was exactly where they exchange their lifetime promises of being there, for each other forever... They went back there being a more complete family, with more love to give... with a baby on the way... W was just stunning, the weather was clear and sunny after a snow storm... 

It was like all the stars aligned to give us this beauty! 



Whitney&ShawnMaternity Session

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