Bristoe Battlefield Park, VA- Engagement Session- Virginia Wedding Photographer

For those of you who know me little bit, this park means something really important to me... It's where I met my husband. Then, if you add that the girl who is asking me for the session is a close friend... Well.. I was excited and nervous like it was my first session ever... 

T was the first American I met when I landed in the USA... I was renting a room in her amazing house, and she was the sweetest landlady I could ask for and the memories I have of that period of my life are still really vivid and have a special place in my heart! 

T&E are planning an amazing wedding, in a national park, with friends and family and fire pit and cabins and I'm just up to the moon for them and the idea of being part of their big day! 

When we were taking this pictures I was amazed by the way they look at each other... They are in love... they don't need too many words... 

I made a short introductory video... then, enjoy their love! :) 


Virginia Engagement Session

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