Fredericksburg Wedding-Apke photography- June 2018

A and J contacted me last year and I still remember so clearly the first day we met... Our meeting was at a brewery in a town where I have never been before! 1) that pub IS awesome, 2) please, bring me to all new places!, 3) I just fell in love with them, because, let's be honest, when a couple tells me: "You can take all the moody, black and white photos you want, we love them"... Well, I'M ALL IN!!! :)  But also, I do remember a terrible rain that day!!

When I met A for the second time, we sat and talked for a little bit, she told me about their story and I still smile thinking how sweet they are. Plus she told me J was going to wear a kilt... so at that point I was ALL-ALL IN!! 

On their wedding day, the sun was shining. I took a tour of the city before going to the location. I have to say that Fredericksburg got me hooked! It might have been the love for A+J, or the sun, but I loved that town and that day even more!

Once at the location, I found a beautiful and pretty relaxed bride and a groom incredibly anxious to meet his better half! It was a super emotional wedding, full of love and hugs and kisses and happy tears (I cried too during speeches, but it's all good!)

Now I'll let you enjoy the images I created to tell their story. Turn on the music if you would like!


Erika is the founder of Apke Photography, based in Northern Virginia, USA. She specialized in Wedding and Portrait photography in USA and across the world