Old Town Warrenton Wedding- K+M- Apke Photography

I remember when, in 2017, I met with K and M for the first time. It was more than one year before their wedding day, and they had mostly everything already planned. My thought was: “when I grow up, I want to be organized like her!” Hahaha


During the engagement session, I realized these two are timid, but not afraid to show their love with hugs and kisses and with a big sense of family, something that I always appreciate (let’s not forget that in Italy family comes first, no matter what!).


For their wedding day, everything was settle and ready. We met at the salon in old town Warrenton where all the ladies got ready and then headed to the ceremony location few blocks away. 


There, K discovered that there was a little problem! You know how organized she was, right? Well, she was so organized and supported by her family, that their grew their own flowers to use for decoration, but unfortunately, 30 minutes before the ceremony they discovered the bouquets were frozen and they needed new flowers. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time it was amazing to see how both families came together, went to buy flowers, found sunflowers and made amazing bouquets for K and her bridesmaids (It’s all true, I documented everything, I promise!).


And then, the ceremony went smooth, but the rain arrived… Since when can the rain stop a beautiful, in love couple? Nahhh!!! Not going to happen!


So we use an umbrella, made some kickass portraits and run back in (literally, you can see K running inside!)

The venue was decorated with lights and sunflowers and fulfill of Love. No kidding, both families were so coordinated and made all of that possible… that I was just feeling glad I got to be part of that amazing day! 


It was a long day, but we concluded it greatly, with a grand exit and phones lights (I know it’s the only moment I ask for the cell phones to be out!)

Now, I let the images talk! (Could you tell I really enjoyed that day?!)