Maryland Wedding at Country Club at Woodmore // Apke Photography

After the first email exchange with T, she told me how they met…

…We met as babies, literally.  My grandma and grandpas house is right behind Shane's parents house, where he grew up.  We have a video of when I was like a year and a half and Shane was about 3 years old and we were on my grandparents back porch for my dad's 35th birthday.  There I am stealing beer cans off the table hobbling around, and then the video pans over to Shane being held by the arms but both of his parents being the cuuuuutest little boy ever. 

After reading this, I remember telling my husband: “Ok, they are my kind of couple, like 100%!!” (I know I say this a lot, so it might be some kind of chemistry and I attract the best couple ever, just saying… ahah)

It wasn’t just for the fact that they know each other since they were babies, or they they have a video of a family party with both of them (see, the importance of memories!), but it was how she talked about that little baby that 23 years later became the most important person in her life… He was being cute just being in his parents arms… And I’m like: She was already in Love… some love stories need time and effort and some others are there, just ready to be lived…

They chose a stunning location for their ceremony, and the reception was decorated by S’s mom and she did an amazing job with the sweet heart table, like really A M A Z I N G! (I think she is decorating also their house, and I kind want her to stop by mine too, just saying!)

I was really grateful they chose me to document their big day and, to be honest, be there, with 2 families so close with each other, and two people so so in love, made me feel part of that big party and I had so so much fun!!

Now I let you look at this amazing day… Oh, before you look at the images, take a minute and look at the entire day in 60 seconds!

Erika is the founder of Apke Photography, based in Northern Virginia, USA. She specialized in Wedding and Portrait photography in USA and across the world