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J contacted me long before she delivered her second baby, and something in her email told me we would be the perfect match... Maybe it was her "I really like your work" that made me melt! lol 

When she described to me how she imagined the session and the specific rooms she wanted to focus... Oh, well... I was like, ohhh YES!! Let’s do it!

The day before the session snowed… like a lot! And you know I’m from Southern Italy, I saw my first snow when I was 23 years old… Well, I’m not crazy for the snow and more important I’m not a good snow driver… Or like, I’m the worst! Ahah Well, I decided that no matter what, that session was going to happen! And it did. That day was shiny… A beautiful Virginia winter day! 

When I arrived to their house, R welcomed me with a big smile, followed by a even bigger one of their older son! Oh, I already loved all of them!

The session started first with a tour of the house and I was literally taking note on stuff that I loved, like the  skylight in the dining room… Like is that even real???  And even better was the kids room, where there was the most amazing bed ever, made by R… Oh, that was nice!

But come on, everything was nice, the little one and all his funny faces… I couldn't stop laughing while editing the images! And then them playing guitar or playing with the wood train? Everything was on point!

And… Ok, you can see with your eyes and…



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Erika is the founder of Apke Photography, based in Northern Virginia, USA. She specialized in Wedding and Portrait photography in USA and across the world